Adept Research offers a complete range of telephone interviewing and recruiting services. Our computerized Call Center is staffed with experienced, full-time interviewers and agents who are extensively trained and tested for proficiency. Because executive and medical recruiting and interviewing require skills specific to those projects, we have a separate training program for those agents that is even more intense. Before any of our agents is allowed to interview, they must attend classes in interviewing and probing and clarifying.

More Than You Expect

  • Extensive database with almost 160,000 names
  • Database continually maintained and expanded
  • Extensive training program including proficiency tests
  • Onsite continual monitoring and remote monitoring available to clients
  • Supervisory staff with over 50 years cumulative experience in marketing research

Recruiting respondents is the core of the facility business, and at Jackson Adept, great care is taken to maintain the quality of our recruiting. We never advertise on our website or use social media sites or Craig's list for recruiting, but we have no limits to our creativity.

Dial Testing

Jackson Adept is proud to own and utilize the Perception Analyzer™ as one of their electronic measurement tools. Because Adept owns their own system, it can be made available to clients on a last minute basis.