Dial Tests

Dial technology gives you an instant, continuous read on data while it is being collected by respondents. It can be utilized to test both live media (television, video, music) as well as to get an instant read on traditional closed end quantitative questions. Many clients find value in combining this technology in a qualitative setting.

Jackson Adept offers dial technology for your focus groups or large group studies. This wired or wireless, hand held dial based electronic group measurement system is versatile enough to be configured in any of Adept's facilities and can also be taken off site, or on the road.

Jackson Adept is proud to own and utilize the Perception Analyzer™ as one of their electronic measurement tools. Because we own the system, it can be made available to clients on a last-minute basis.

The Perception Analyzer™ is recommended by its developer to be used in the following ways: 

  • To enhance focus groups by allowing for nonverbal response, thereby eliminating negative group dynamics
  • For faster data processing turn around - creating stat tested tables in ten minutes without transcription errors or coding delays
  • To eliminate reliance on retrospective measures as well as to provide second-by-second analysis of respondents' reactions to test materials

Technical Capabilities

Jackson Adept's custom technical installations allows all electronics to be easily controlled via a portable remote panel. This control panel is extremely user friendly and allows for easy switching to and from any medium and also controls stage curtains, screens, lighting, etc.

  • 70" rear-projection television
  • 100" screen for front projected video/slides/projectors
  • 35" television monitors
  • Custom audio installation with different characteristics
    • ordinary type television sound
    • ordinary television sound through dispersed speakers
    • enhanced sound through dispersed speakers
    • specially designed speaker and subwoofer systems utilizing Dolby™ Pro Logic Surround Sound, THX™, AC-3, and other electronic system

Interactive Dials-On-The-Road

(pricing and availability of one of our technicians/ upon request)