In-person Focus Groups

Jackson Adept is the West coast's premier data collection firm. Our consumer, executive and medical data bases have representation from the all the major metropolitan counties in and around Los Angeles.

Recruiting and Training

Qualitative research requires close attention to detail, and a host of understanding about the "spirit of the recruit“ and it is at the core of Jackson Adept. Great care is taken to maintain the quality of these efforts. To insure this, a proven methodology, superb database, and proprietary software are implemented.

Understanding the databases' various components and how to utilize its capabilities allow our Project Directors to combine different variables and begin to paint a picture of the perfect respondent. This vital criteria is then distributed through the network to supervisory staff and experienced recruiting teams.

Our processes, knowledge base, and industry reach helps Jackson Adept maintain their reputation for pulling off the impossible.

Training modules include:

    • Senior Contact Agent (includes medical and B2B training modules)
    • The Personal Interview
    • Remote Interviewing (offsite)
    • Probing and Clarifying techniques
    • Quota Control and Management
    • Hosting and AV Services

Clients are updated daily with comprehensive profiles that highlight specific quota groups so they can see how their quotas are filling as the recruiting progresses. Our Project Managers are instrumental in making suggestions that make an ordinarily difficult recruit seem simple.

Quali-Quant Research Studies

Our facilities are uniquely designed to accommodate quali-quant studies such as perception analyzer tests. We even own our own dials! Both our Beverly Hills and Encino facilities allow up to 50 people to be seated classroom, which still leaves two focus rooms for break out groups.

We have the following equipment in-house:

  • Perception Analyzer dials
  • Podium with microphone
  • Multiple easels
  • Document camera
  • LCD projectors
  • Large projection screens
    • 70" rear-projection television
    • 100" screen for front projected video/slides/projectors
  • 35" television monitors

All rooms have adjustable lighting which allows respondents to better view materials where different light conditions affect their perceptions.