Jackson Adept has always been a pioneer in technology and we invest so heavily in it so our clients can rely on it.  Our backup DVDs are the same high quality as the original so when our clients need additional copies, there is no wait.  We upload them instantly.

In addition to digital audio and video recording, Jackson Adept also offers the following technologies:

  • Videostreaming services
  • Instant Update™ (in viewing rooms)
  • "Stay Connected" communication system
  • Videoconferencing
  • Perception Analyzer™ dials

We maintain in-house equipment not standard in many facilities, such as LCD projectors, data monitors and Beta recording equipment. Our list of equipment available on-site includes:

Our list of equipment available on-site includes:

  • MobileQuest™ remote AV recording services
  • Digital audio and video recording
  • Sony 3-chip DVCAM camera
  • Sony BETA SP record deck
  • Sony DVCAM/miniDV record deck
  • SMPTE time code generation
  • LCD projectors
  • Document camera
  • Overhead projectors and screens
  • Focus room A/V cart setups - ½" VHS, ¾" tape and DVD players connected to 35" televisions
  • Tabletop lectern with microphone and speaker rated for up to 150 people
  • PolyCom Viewstation 512 videoconferencing equipment
  • High speed Internet
  • Low-profile ceiling microphones
  • Digital audio and video recording (standard)
  • Remote video cameras mounted on rear wall of viewing rooms, operated from A/V room
  • Sony VO-7600 ¾" recorder

Equipment needed that is not available onsite can be obtained though our partnerships with local audio-visual firms.