Everyone at Jackson Adept makes quality their top priority.


We utilize a multi-level training program that identifies key areas of strength and attention. Contact Center Agents begin recruiting on consumer project, and after achieving success in that arena, are offered the opportunity to take any of our additional training classes to advance their skills.

The only way to make certain our recruiters are knowledgeable, comfortable, and adhering to the professional standards we set is to give them the proper training, so we take the time to do it right.


In addition to standard briefings, validation and monitoring techniques, we employ a two-part booking system before we consider a potential respondent as "booked". First, the agent must properly screen the potential respondent to make sure they fit the criteria and quotas set forth by the client and invites them to take part in the study. Once the respondent has indicated their interest, they are required to pass through a rescreening process which includes a "verification" script as well as validation on key questions.

The Verifier ensures that there are no schedule conflicts, confirms the details of the project (including any homework assignments, pre-groups assignments and incentives) and validates the key questions on the screener. Confirmation calls are handled by a member of the quality team as well, to ensure respondents are hearing the same voice when they are confirmed as they heard when they were verified.

Facility Guests

Our Project Directors utilize a custom program we built to ensure all details of each project are handled well in advance of our clients' visit.

Once the information is entered into the initial screen, the program then auto-fills the rest of the necessary paperwork – sign-ins, desk sheets, vendor order forms, etc. This way, information only has to be entered one time to make sure everyone who needs that information has it.

Even last-minute requests can easily be accommodated by simply updating the entry page, which feeds to every other page, creating a seamless interdepartmental information flow system.

Quality isn't a buzz word at Jackson Adept; it's the way we work, every day, in every department. And it's what keeps us a cut above.